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24 Apr 2013

Our comprehensive guide to Ring Binders

Ring binders come in all shapes and sizes and can be produced to suit almost all customer requirements. Our standard range is from A3 – A6, has capacities between 10mm and 65mm and can take the form of landscape or portrait. All binders can be supplied with clear overlays which are open at the top to allow customers to insert the title prints on the front, back and spine. Alternatively, the print can be totally encapsulated during the manufacturing process.

The ring mechanisms can be O or D in shape and number from 2 – 6 in most cases, but can be adapted to meet special requirements.

Both PVC and Polypropylene materials are available for ring binders in a wide range of colours to suit most applications (special colours can be produced for large orders). The PVC products can be produced in a wide range of finishes including plain standard colours, leather-look, and velvet-feel and embosses of many kinds.

Finishing touches include gold corners, foil blocking, coloured ring mechanisms, slipcases, dividers, coloured press studs, Velcro or tab-lock closures.

It’s all about the rings!

The O-Ring

The rings are usually riveted to the spine of the binder, unless they are likely to interfere with the personalisation or pockets. The paper turns very easily on O-rings, but follows the curve of the ring when lying flat. Ring sizes range from 1.3mm to 70 mm in diameter. The actual paper capacity is approximately 80% of ring size.

The D-Ring

The rings are riveted to the back cover of the binder. The benefits of D-rings are two-fold: the paper stacks squarely to the right of the ring, while still turning easily to the left. D-rings are ideal for presentation binders where ease of use is essential. Ring size range from 10mm to 65mm and the paper capacity is equal to the size of the ring.

Arch Rings

Arch rings are also riveted to the back cover of the binder. They allow the paper to stack squarely on either side of the ring. Ring sizes range from 15mm to 65mm. The paper capacity is equal to the size of the ring. The number of rings should be chosen to suit the function of the binder.

  • 2-Ring Suitable for general use, and will allow punching with standard punch.
  • 3-Ring This fitting will suit A4 American punching at 180mm centre to centre, and A5 punching at 70mm centre to centre.
  • 4-Ring The sheets are held more securely along their length, ideal where binders are in heavy daily use.
  • Multi-Ring Sheets are completely secured along their length. These mechanisms are always trigger operated.

Trigger or pull apart?

Pull apart is by far the most popular and least expensive of mechanisms, but trigger is more secure and easier to use. High and low type trigger mechanisms are available.

Nickel or colour?

All ring binders are produced using standard nickel mechanisms unless otherwise stated. However, both gilt and coloured mechanisms are available. These look particularly effective when used in conjunction with matching corners and accessories. Coloured mechanisms can be selected to match or complement the binder colour.

Ring binders are available in Polypropylene, PVC, Aluminium, Metal, Perspex and Wood.

For more information regarding a bespoke Ring Binder creative packaging solution, contact us via email at or call us on (UK) 01794 525 050 or (US) 479 755 6868 – we’d be delighted to give you some advice. 

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